Why Joy Yoga

About Us

Voted Houston’s best yoga studio! Our mission is to hold a space for a community where diversity is celebrated and each yogi is supported and encouraged to follow their unique path to joy. We help our yogis along their individual journey by offering a diverse range of classes and workshops that help them grow and expand on and off the mat.

Our Difference

Diversity is what makes us unique. Not only do we offer a diverse collection of yoga classes ranging from restorative and gentle to high intensity and heart-pumping, our teachers also have diverse backgrounds and experiences. Diversified teacher experiences make it possible for us to offer customized yoga and wellness support that benefits students in satisfying their unique needs, goals and motivations.

Here’s what else makes us different:

  • We do not offer hot yoga. Our classrooms are kept at a comfortable temperature and heat is built within the individual through breath work and movement.
  • We are locally owned and operated. Homegrown in Houston and here to stay. We have deep roots in the community and a sense of pride and loyalty to this city.
  • We offer 13 different styles of yoga and an extensive selection of class times to suit individual moods, needs and schedules. Because of our diverse range of class offerings, some yogis visit our studio to fulfill all of their cardio, toning and relaxation needs.

Joy Yoga Community

Our teachers and students tell us that one of the things they love most about Joy is our diversity.

Our community is as diverse as the city of Houston. We are a community consisting of yogis of all levels, with varied backgrounds and experiences and unique motivations. We defy the yoga stereotype, offering a place where yogis from all walks of life feel comfortable practicing.

Experience and Explore

Joy Yoga has a lot more to offer than just yoga class. Let us help you understand your expectations and create the custom experience of what you want from a yoga studio. Namaste!