Expecting Something Great?

This age-old practice keeps you limber, tones your muscles, and improves your balance and circulation throughout pregnancy. By practicing ujjayi breathing and relaxation techniques, you’ll be better primed for the physical and mental strain of labor. These physical benefits will not only help you feel more comfortable during pregnancy, but they will also make it easier for your body to bounce back into fitness after birth.

Joy Yoga Center has a diverse schedule and several class options for moms-to-be at both studios. We offer prenatal yoga classes a few times a week that are strictly dedicated to meeting soon-to-be mom’s needs. In addition, we have approved prenatal classes that include Restorative yoga and De-stress and Relax yoga. These classes are open to all Joy Yoga Center members; please let your instructor know you are pregnant before starting any of these classes.

Though yoga is a great and safe routine for expectant mothers, we ask that you please speak to your doctor before starting any yoga classes.