Yoga Voss Location


1415 S. Voss Road
Suite 280
Houston, Texas 77057
Phone : (832) 804 9070

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Cindy Trevino @ Voss
Director of Operations

Tour Facility

Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, our classes are designed to help you unite your mind, body, and spirit. Joy Yoga truly specializes in teaching the art of yoga so you can receive the benefits of stress relief, increased strength and flexibility, and quieting the busy mind. And most importantly, finding your inner joy!


“Just wanted you to know I really enjoyed Larry Thraen as an instructor. Rather than having the emphasis on going through the flow or poses, he really knew how to give helpful hints in tweaking your movement/posture so you could get the most out of each and every pose (and not feel as if you were in a basics class.

He has the ability to bring the same sense of peace to the class that Lorraine, Kat and Judy (as did Stacy) have in their classes.”

“It was so worth dragging myself out of bed for your friday morning pilates class! My abs are still feeling the burn. Thanks so much!” Natalie

“Hi Joy,

I just wanted to share with you how much I enjoyed Melissa's class this morning. I always enjoy classes at your studio, but the 9am class this morning was EXTRA amazing. Melissa had an awesome sound mix, had a great rhythm, and introduced new, easy poses I had never done before. She had great humility and introduced many varied positions for those with not much experience, but also mentioned poses to stretch abilities for those with more experience like myself. Melissa also has a rockin', toned body which is the best motivation to do yoga on a regular basis! I was just really impressed and really enjoyed the class. It was a great way to start my day and SO worth the 20 minute drive in now that we live in West Houston.

Thank you for continuing to find great instructors and making Joy Yoga the best place for yoga in Houston!” N. S. (Joy Yoga lover since 2006)

“I was not sure what to expect because this was my first experience with Yoga. The young lady at the front desk was very nice when I handed her my Groupon. I had been thinking about trying Yoga for a couple of years, and just never took the first step. When I came across the Groupon this time because there had been other offers I took the step!

The young lady at the front desk said that Suzy was there, and she would let her know it was my first time. Suzy was very nice and made me feel so comfortable and welcome! I will be back, and decide if I want to take the bigger step a little later. I felt the class was a great introduction, and I did not feel out of place at all.

Thank you.” K. G.