If you’ve always wanted to join a yoga class but were too nervous to try, this package is perfect for you. With our beginner yogis in mind, we’ve put together a package that will prepare you for your new found love of yoga. Remember that you can’t be ‘bad’ at yoga - there will always be someone who is stronger and more flexible than you; it’s the approach with which you practice that is key.

FUNdamentals of Yoga Package Includes

1 FUNdamentals of Yoga Workshop

This workshop provides a place to focus on the common postures and transitions that lay the foundation for vinyasa yoga. Classes will focus on alignment and will include both strength building exercises and cooling stretches. Expect clear instruction and individual assistance, as well as music to keep the environment light and playful.

1 Private Lesson

This is the perfect opportunity to connect one-on-one with a certified, experienced yoga teacher in a private setting. Your teacher will work with you to define your goals, assess your body, and provide a personalized practice that works for you.

1 Month of Unlimited Yoga

It's called Yoga 'Practice' for a reason. If you practice, you’ll see improvement. If you don’t practice, you won’t. Come in as often as you can for an entire month. Try to practice everyday! Your mind & body will thank you! We offer a variety of classes all throughout the day that keeps practicing interesting and challenging. What are you waiting for? Embrace your inner joy and get started today!

Class Essentials

“We recommend these yoga essentials for every class.”

What to bring to class:

  • Your yoga mat or you may borrow one of ours

  • Water

  • Enthusiasm and an open mind

Things to Know

Knowing these things will make your experience even more enjoyable.

What you ought to know:

  • Wear comfortable clothing that conforms to the body and stays in place. In doing so, you won’t feel shy about getting deep into that downward dog.

  • Yoga is practiced barefoot.

  • Let your teacher know before class if you are pregnant or have injures. Modified poses that keep you comfortable and avoid strain can be recommended.

  • It’s OK to take a break. Feel comfortable doing so and remember everyone’s yoga path is unique.

Tips for Success

Our teachers and Joy yogis offer tips and advice for new yogis.

Our Yogi Tips for success:

  • Listen to your body. It will tell you when to push forward and when to slow down.

  • Keep up with your practice. When you are tired after work, go to yoga. When you are pumped and energized, go to yoga.

  • Don’t miss out on Savasana at the end of class! Yes. Savasana looks like adult nap time, but its feels wonderfully relaxing. It is designed to give the body a chance to regroup and reset itself after a practice.