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Going to Yoga… When You Really Don’t Want To

You’ve planned your goals out entirely and you’re committed. Well…at least you thought you were. Some mornings the bed feels a little more comfy than usual or the weather is just the perfect excuse as to why you don’t want to leave the house. The bad news is –days when we’re just not feeling it do happen. The good news? Those days don’t last forever! If you’re concerned about not sticking with your commitment to yoga, here are some tips to get you back on the mat!

1. Bring a friend!
It’s easier to maintain your motivation by having a sidekick to cheer you on along the way and to try new things with! Having a support system will give you all the encouragement you need to power through. You’ll be able to hold each other accountable and after that intense power flow, you’ll have someone to grab a bite to eat with!

2. Invest In Your Practice
Why let your money go to waste? Sure, drop in rates may seem more convenient at the time, but investing in a membership will save you money in the long run and will solidify your commitment to the mat. Mark the classes in your calendar and treat it like you would a doctor’s appointment. Knowing that you’ve made that commitment will motivate you to make it to classes more often to get your money’s worth.

3. Bring The Yoga Studio To You!
Who says you even have to leave your house? If you’re looking for a convenience without sitting in traffic or driving in the pouring rain, for only $14.99/month you can stream yoga from the Joy Yoga Center in the comfort of your own home. MyJoyYoga.com offers eight live streaming classes from certified instructors a day which you can stream on your smart phone, computer or tablet! You can choose from a variety of classes for every level of experience! If you’re worried about not making it to a live class, you can choose from a library of on-demand classes which allows you to fit yoga into your schedule any time, any place! How’s that for a zen experience!?

4. Mix It Up!
You’ve been going to the same classes each week and it has now become a mundane routine! It’s easy to become bored with your yoga practice so adding in a little variety is sure to spice it up. Evolve your practice by stepping out and trying a new instructor for the week or trade your restorative class for a power flow! Even if it’s a little intimidating the first time, you’ll be able to set goals for yourself and develop your skills so you can rock the next one!

5. Treat Yourself
Setting and accomplishing concrete goals shouldn’t go by unnoticed! You did it! You didn’t fight your way through traffic to get to that savasana for nothing! Treat yourself! That bakery across the street from the yoga studio? Treat yourself! Those leggings that would look really amazing in crow? YOU DESERVE THEM.
The first step is the hardest part. As long as you try your best at accomplishing your goals, anything is possible! Before you know it, you’ll be back on the mat feeling motivated as ever!

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