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Shake It Up, Shake It Up

Routine is boring. While comfortable at times, it’s good to break out of it at times. Especially when it comes to the body. For example, if you’re trying to make healthy changes in your life by having a spinach and banana smoothie every morning, you’re not allowing your body to have access to other important nutrients that it needs. That’s why variety is good, as well as keeping your intake balanced out.

The same methodology goes for exercise. No doubt yoga is amazing…but when you pair it with other forms of exercise your body takes it amazingly well and will thank you for it. Why should you mix up your practice and add some balance?

1. Discover new muscles. Yoga is all about the core, but there are other forms of exercise that will give you the boost you need such as Pilates. Trying to get strong, toned legs, and an even stronger core? Barre is right up your ally.
2. Prevent burnout. Too much of a good thing is a real thing. Sometimes you have to go away from the things you love to remember why you love them. Our new Barre classes will definitely help you out with shaking things up a bit.
3. Spice it up a little. Added intensity is great for mixing up your work out, especially if your main choice is yoga. The new intensity in your routine will help provide better results in your goals whether it’s weight loss, flexibility, or strength.
4. Try something new. At one point you were new at yoga, and you loved it. Now it’s time to try something new and fall in love again (yoga isn’t jealous, you can have multiple loves).

If you’re sitting while reading this, it’s time to get up and go explore! For a limited time only you can add barre to your Joy Yoga Center annual or 6 month membership for only $624 for annual or $267 for 6 month (that’s a 25% discount off the regular price). Sign up here or call the studio for more information.

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