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#YogaEveryDamnDay: Why It Really Matters

I can personally declare that I never done yoga and said, "man, I wish I hadn't done that." Each time after I practice, it feels as though every cell in my body is breathing. I feel as though my energy is flowing freely, I feel.. What is that oddity? Calm. Nourished. Whole. I feel this way because I am. We all already are. The way we will feel after practicing yoga and meditation is our natural essence. Our bodies are meant to feel great, and yoga helps with that.

There are a myriad of health benefits that come along with practicing yoga daily. Flash back to a moment of peace after a practice. Now imagine feeling that way every single day. Yoga bliss is so completely real and incredible, not giving this to ourselves daily would be a disservice, in my opinion. The physical practice of yoga does something super cool to our bodies – during practice, synovial fluid is released and spread all over. Synovial fluid is basically lubricant for our joints. So all of you battling arthritis and osteoporosis, synovial fluid is your BFF. Mentally, the benefits are astronomical. The power of the yogic breath completely alters our brain waves and body chemistry. With our breath, we can slow down our mind and rise above the noise, coming to an Alpha – or victorious – state. The combination of breath and the physical asana work together to balance our internal world. We all have an endocannabinoid system dwelling within our central and peripheral nervous systems. This system is responsible for homeostasis ( a neutral, balanced, and healthy internal state). Often times in life, external stimulation brings us out of balance inside. When we are in flow with our bodies and our breath, the way we are when we are practicing yoga, we are interacting with this intricate system. Different hormones are released from this system, hormones that produce calm and pleasure, and hormones that promote healing within your tissues and nerves. Practicing daily promotes homeostasis within, regardless of the fluctuations that occur in our external worlds. Stress is the number one silent killer in modern society. We bottle up our emotions, and we sit all day long. Have you heard the phrase, sitting is the new smoking? Our cells need to breathe, every cell in your body is a center of intelligence. When you sit all day, your energy isn't circulating. Think about stagnant water.. What happens to it over a period of time? It gets nasty. It isn't personal, it is merely factual. The law of inertia: an object in motion stays in motion. Yoga keeps you young. Doing this practice daily not only circulates your energy and lubricates your joints, but it helps your mental state as well. It is a space for us to release any emotion that we have left inside, a space for us to interact with our own bodies in an intimate, low impact way.. Combat your stress with the powerful combination of breath and movement. Committing to a daily practice is essentially committing to your self and your health. There are a multitude of benefits and reasons to practice Yoga. For me, I began because my body was in pain and I had tried everything. Yoga was the only thing that worked. I am beyond grateful for this practice, because it keeps me healthy in balanced physically, mentally, and emotionally. In a world full of external stimuli, going inward is a truly a gift. My body aches to be moved, to be in flow, to be cared for. Yours does too. Give yourself what you are longing for.

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