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Recommitting to Yourself: Mid New Year Edition

Here we stand, six months into the new year. How many of you still remember your resolution that you made to yourself? How many of you have fallen off? Before you beat yourself up, IT'S OKAY. Life moves so incredibly fast. I mean hello, we are already six months into the new year! 2017 is half way over.

If you are still going strong on your resolution, kudos to you. For those of us who have fallen off, take a deep breath. Release. We are on our way. With aiming to balance careers, families, and laundry, sometimes things fall to the wayside with how busy life can be. Please remind yourself that your practice is a place to build yourself back up. Life is hard enough without our sacred and personal practices becoming another space for a punching bag. Stop being so tough on yourself. You can always bounce back. The main reason people end up throwing in the towel completely after falling off the wagon of their resolution (speaking from experience) is because of this: "Well, I've already not fulfilled my goals and intentions to I might as well just stop completely". NO. This is what victim mentality and we will not accept it. No one is going to change your mentality other than you.

We are strong men and women, gods and goddesses, yogis and yoginis here. We are not victims to circumstance nor are we victims to external forces. Our power lives within, and we practice to reconnect with that space. I'm going to share a few tips on how to bounce back from a (partially) unintended hiatus.

1. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Yes, work was long, and then there’s chores and just general living. I get it. I really do. All of these things are even more of a reason to recommit. The resolution you made was for YOU. To take more time for yourself, so that you can feel better and ultimately be the best you that you can be. So, quit the pity party. Turn off Netflix. Create your space, and give yourself the time you need. The time is always available. Instead of creating excuses, create your routine and rituals that benefit your overall health.

2. Go back to the reason you made the resolution in the first place. Most of the time, we create resolutions for ourselves to simply be better. Your internal and external worlds are completely connected, so if you made a goal for yourself and you aren't meeting it, you may feel off in other aspects of your life. Remind yourself as often as you need that only good will come from recommitting to your resolution. Write it on your bathroom mirror, so that you see it when you wake up every single morning.

3. Remember that your source of strength is internal. Know that you create goals for yourself because you are more than capable enough to make them happen. Think about running, at times you may feel like you are dying during the run, but afterwards how powerful do you feel? Harness this power. Remind yourself that after you do whatever it is you promised yourself you would do, that you are going to feel empowered by yourself. That is magic.

4. Listen to your internal voice. That's right, the one that is always in your head. Notice it's tone. Is it ugly? Hateful? Kind? Observe and watch what you say and how you treat yourself. Hey, internal voice. Hush. Remember that your internal voice is you. We aren't always honest with ourselves. When you are being ugly to yourself, catch it. "Hey, although I may have slacked these past couple of months because work got super hectic, it's okay. Today is a new day and I can always begin again. I am a powerful, capable being and I am doing this resolution for myself. I will always begin again."

Keep going. Keep breathing. When your world is spinning out of control, allow your resolution to be your space of ease and of calm. Remember that your resolution is another way to connect with yourself. Within you there is immense power, harness this strength and grace.

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