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Building Community in Your Studio

People are drawn to different things for different reasons. Some people enjoy the same colors, others the same music, or activity. We all relate to the world in a completely unique way. That’s why whenever someone enjoys the same something us, it can be special. Especially if it is something that is a little esoteric. Having something in common with someone is a beautiful thing. Notice, if you tend to be drawn towards someone or something. It is the energy behind it all. Take a live music event, for example, it brings thousands upon thousands of individuals together in one place, for the same reason. How beautiful is that?

Do you tend to find yourself in the same yoga class each week? You probably see familiar faces. Take a look around, although this practice brings you completely inward, it is great to take a look outward as well and notice who else is drawn to the same places as you. Maybe say hello, you probably have a lot more to relate to one another than you would think. The importance of community is vital for our species to flourish. We are meant to dwell together, and to help each other survive by accepting one another as we are. In modern society, or at least from my personal experience, a lot of the true essence of community has vanished.

Have you ever heard the expression, "Your vibe attracts your tribe?" Take a look around. Where do you gravitate, and who do you gravitate towards? We aren't meant to go this road alone, and at a place as beautiful as a yoga studio, there is no reason anyone should feel it. Yoga is Union. Sharing your practice is an incredible energy exchange. Community is wonderful for the root chakra. In a world that spins and changes cycles constantly, community is something that keeps our roots strong so that our trees sway with the coming winds but always remain rooted and strong. Interact and converse with some people that you keep seeing, get together and ask the studio how you can get more involved.

Changing up environment is healthy, and relating to other people in a different environment expands horizons and creates long lasting bonds. Sometimes, people get together and magic happens. A community is a force, a vibration that is alive to keep the balance and harmony. The power of connection is something that we simply could not live without. There are many ways and reasons to get people together. To simply celebrate being in existence at the same time. Now reach out, and connect with people in ways other than through a screen. Appreciate life together, keep radiating.

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