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3 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to shower that extra bit of affection on those we love. For the yogi in your life, there is no better way to show them you care than by supporting their passion. Here are a few insider ideas to totally nail that Valentine’s Day gift!

1. Buy your beloved yogi a new mat. Since yogis typically practice barefoot, their mats are their support, their lifeline, and their connection to the earth. Just like a basketball player loves new court shoes, a yogi loves, admires, and always appreciates a new mat. A yogi’s mat takes on such a deep and respected place in their heart; it embodies metaphors and moments that lead to insights about the most meaningful parts of their lives and your acknowledgement of that will mean the world to them.

2. Buy your yogi some toys! One of the most beautiful aspects of a yoga practice is it's simplicity. All you ever really need is the ground and maybe a mat to have a fulfilling practice. However, that doesn’t mean there are not other cool accessories and toys that your yogi is secretly eyeing and wishing to play with. Whether it’s a new, shiny yoga wheel, a strap to carry their mat in, a new blend of essential oils, or a beautifully woven blanket to support and cushion their practice, you can be certain that the yogi in your life has a whole list of yoga toys they have had their eye on and will love to receive for Valentine’s Day.

3. Give your yogi the gift of time. One thing every yogi wants is time to practice more yoga. So, as someone looking to show your yogi how much you love them, offering them this precious gift of time. It is a guaranteed winner. You could go really big and give them the experience of a yoga retreat in a foreign land, or you could surprise them with anything from a weekend at the local studio to a week on the beach in Costa Rica. No matter the length or location, your yogi will definitely appreciate the time away to focus on their yoga practice. You could also encourage more time on the mat with the simple gift of a membership to Joy Yoga Center where your yogi will be supported and encouraged in their practice by others in the community. Another idea is to buy your favorite yogi a private lesson or two to deepen their practice. Whether it’s a retreat, a membership, or a private lesson, the yogi in your life is sure to love any gift of time on the mat that you give them.

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