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Why Joy?

When you become a member of Joy Yoga Center, you don't just become a member of a yoga studio. You become a member of our community; our diverse community of mindful health enthusiasts, inspired yogis and expertly trained instructors. We take pride in our community because we see the difference it makes in personal progress and growth. With every new member, our community strengthens. With all the yoga challenges we regularly offer, our community grows closer together and stronger together, lifting each other higher and higher. It's a closely connected community full of love and gratitude, and once you join, you're guaranteed to want to stay.

Whether you come for the spiritual practice, stress relief or physical health, Joy has it all. Our wide variety of class types provide opportunity for you to synchronize your practice with where you are and what you need. With everything from the meditative practice of Restorative Yoga to the mindful stretches of our Joy Yoga Flows to the muscle building, cardio testing, sweat dripping Insanity classes, you're bound to find the perfect class for exactly what you're looking for. We even offer Prenatal classes for those expecting!

Even more exciting than our class offerings is our diverse set of instructors. All with their own unique strengths and backgrounds, they bring their own personal style to the practice. With this kind of diversity, you're bound to connect with the most suitable instructor for your personal needs to help take your practice to the next level. Each one of our instructors are well trained from our very own Joy Yoga University, or by other top schools around the world; from both the east and west coasts of the US and as far as Australia, Indonesia and even from the mystical birthplace of yoga, India!

So give it a try! Let Joy Yoga Center help you strengthen your practice and progress toward your goals by committing to YOU, and enjoy HUGE deals on all memberships, class packs, and more!

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