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7 Secrets of People Who Keep Their Resolutions

Resolution - a goal that we resolve ourselves to accomplishing. It is interesting to think about that word: RE-solve, to solve again. What we are really doing when we set a resolution is trying to find another way to solve a situation that we don’t believe we adequately solved the year before. So, in order to more adequately solve whatever it is you are determined to solve this year, try following these 7 tips to help you become successful.

1. Find your "why"
Doing the mental work to find the root of your resolution will help you be more motivated to stay on track towards your goals. If you can identify the bigger reasons WHY you want to lose weight, be more organized, or save money, it will help you to stay motivated when willpower wanes.

2. Change “should” to “have to”
Once you have rooted out the WHY behind your resolution, it becomes time to put theory into practice, which also takes a switch of perspective and mindset to successfully do. Changing from the mindset of “I should make it to my mat today” or “I should be eating cleaner” to “I have to” makes your resolve much stronger. Making appointments with yourself for things like taking a yoga class or meal prepping, and putting them on your weekly schedule will help you to stay on track.

3. Make it doable
Making your resolution realistic and doable is absolutely vital to keeping it. For example, if you have a resolution of running a marathon this year, taking off for a 20 mile run on day 1 is going to leave you sore, tired, unsuccessful, and frustrated. That's not exactly the fuel you need to feed your mental resolve. Instead, try sitting down at the beginning of the year and make a long-term plan with baby-steps leading up to your resolution. If you do this, you will reach each baby-step feeling proud, successful, and motivated to keep going.

4. Have accountability
Letting others know about your resolution will hold you accountable to reaching your goals. Having the support of a caring community does wonders for your psyche. Knowing that your friend is waiting for you at the gym will make it easier for you to keep these habits up when you are alone and feeling less motivated.

5. Set goals
Much like making your goal doable and being held accountable, one of the best ways to keep your resolution is to set actual goals-actual markers to reach. People tend to leave goals and resolutions vague and ambiguous (often in order to protect themselves from failure and disappointment), but if you truly want to achieve your goals, they must be measurable goals. A great way to frame these goals is to think SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-based.

6. Reward yourself
At the end of the day, we all have human brains. So it's much more likely that we will stick to a goal if we are rewarded. Along the road to your resolution, there will be many small victories such as the first mile you run, a new pose you mastered, or a certain amount of money you saved. Celebrating those little victories along the way will help you stay motivated to keep moving on to the next little victory.

7. "Fall down 7 times, stand up 8"
This ancient proverb is vital to keeping your resolution! We are human. We will fall and we will fail. If you do not expect this and have a plan for it ahead of time, these falls and missteps can take you by surprise and get you off track. However, if you don’t let one bad meal or one missed workout destroy your resolve, you are well on your way to turning your resolution into a true and sustainable lifestyle change.

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