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New Year, New Yoga Practice: 5 Tips to Get You Back on Your Mat

We all have a story to tell. Our bodies have gone through experiences and learned to cope in a variety of situations. Not one body is like another, yet many times we try to fit ourselves into a mold that society has created. We see beautiful Instagram photos and see it as reality, regardless of our own practice. As the year starts with a new slate, we take the important moments from 2016 with us - the lessons we’ve learned, the mistakes we’ve made, and the love we’ve created along the way.

Whether you have 10 minutes of experience or 10 years, we all need a little boost every now and then to keep our practice fresh and consistent. The holiday food comas are gone, and the vacation daze has worn off. So here are a few tips on how you can get back to your mat this new year.

1. Forget the story
We all have a reason or excuse for not staying with our yoga practice. Forget the excuses and the negative self talk that held you back, and instead change your perspective. What WILL happen instead of what DID happen? Changing your perspective will help you view new experiences on your mat, a lot more than you ever before.

2. Get inspired
No, we don’t mean by gawking at the pretty Instagram photos of yogis that bend in all directions. Those may be flashy, but for most people, they are unrealistic goals. Instead, find someone who inspires you personally, like a friend or teacher. The inspiration will be more authentic that way.

3. Change it up
It is normal at times to get bored with a set routine, especially a yoga practice. Try changing the environment or the style a bit to keep your body guessing and your mind fresh. It will keep you present and most likely tap into muscles you didn’t know you had before.

4. Find support
We all need to have a place where we feel at home, and that idea applies to a yoga practice. Finding a studio or teacher(s) that resonate with you is an important part of the journey and the tradition of yoga. It is also good to have friends who can support your practice and motivate you on those days where you just don’t feel like doing a downward dog.

5. Honor where you are
Especially if you’ve taken an absence, it is important to recognize that your body and your practice may not be in the same place it was. Rather than passing judgement, just notice and appreciate. Practicing with respect and integrity goes a lot farther than pushing your body or mind to do things it’s not ready for. It is when you meet your body where it is that you find the most growth and discovery.

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