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Yogi-Approved Gifts for the Holidays

As most yogis will tell you, a yoga practice often goes beyond a physical workout to an entire lifestyle. Some may embrace certain aspects more than others. But generally, yoga-related gifts are usually loved and appreciated. We know that the yoga world can sometimes be baffling to those who have never practiced. So thinking of the perfect gift for that certain yogi in your life can leave your eyes glazed over.

Lucky for you, we wanted to take some of that pressure off your shoulders and have compiled a list of gift ideas for the yogi(s) in your life. Whether they are a seasoned practitioner or just a beginner, you will win major Namaste points this season by bringing gratitude to their hearts and a smile to their face.

A Comical Yoga T-shirt
Sure, yoga is about non-attachment and finding inner peace, but that doesn’t mean a yogi can’t look cute while doing it. Every yogi loves a funny t-shirt, especially when it’s about something they love. We love this one from Reverence Apparel.

A Yoga/Meditation Book
Chances are that if you know a yogi, they are either already into the deeper aspect of yoga, or open to learning more of it. Beyond the physical practice of yoga (the asana), is the practice of the mind and applying these principles in everyday life. Give the gift of knowledge with the book, Living Your Yoga: Finding the Spiritual in Everyday Life. They will not only feel a sense of enlightenment, but most likely be excited to share it with you.

Yoga Pants
A yogi can never have too many yoga pants. That may even become the favorite part of their wardrobe. So if you are willing to spend a little more on a gift, yoga pants are the way to do it. These Spacedye Interlooped High Waisted Capris from Beyond yoga are sure to make the yogi in your life swoon. If you are unsure of their taste, you could always go the gift card route. You may think it sounds impersonal, but they will surely think otherwise.

A Journal
It’s not out of the ordinary for a yogi to keep a journal of some sort, whether for meditation or to track their physical practice. And if they regularly enjoy journaling, eventually they will need a new one. Get them a journal with an inspirational mantra like this one from Barnes and Noble to spark creativity as they deepen their practice.

Yoga Props
Yogis usually go to studios to practice, but ideally, they want to be able to yoga anywhere. However, this may be more difficult if they are not equipped with the right props at home. Yoga props are an excellent gift to show that you support their practice and want them to continue to grow, even outside of the studio. Bolsters are often something yogis don’t always splurge on for themselves, so this one from Hugger Mugger is a great gift idea.

If you were stressing about what gift to get your favorite yogi for the holidays, we hope that we helped! These gift ideas are versatile for any yogi of any age, gender, and level. The best thing to remember is that a yogi is usually humble and will be grateful for any gift they receive. So regardless of what you decide to give them, you are sure to bring warmth and joy to their heart.

If you are still not sure what to get your yogi friend, give them the best gift of all - the gift of yoga. Give them the gift of Joy this holiday season with a gift card to Joy Yoga Center! The gift of yoga will make the perfect gift for all of your yogi friends, and even yourself! You'll also be able to receive a $15 gift card for every $50 gift card purchased. So what are you waiting for? Start giving the gift of Joy this holiday season!

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