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Why I Decided to do Yoga

Like many, I first began my yoga journey because I was intrigued by the physical practice. I went into my first yoga class seeking an exercise that would complement my therapy for a terribly sprained ankle. I had tried so many forms of therapy and nothing seemed to help much. My friend suggested that I try yoga to help strengthen the muscles and tendons in my feet. And so I did.

After my first class, I wasn’t hooked by any means. I enjoyed the class and thought it was fun, but I didn’t walk out thinking I had done something life changing. It wasn’t until I moved out and started college that I truly began to practice and study yoga.

Ever since then, I fell in love with the asanas and my thirst for knowledge wasn’t fulfilled by the physicality of the practice anymore. I wanted to dig deeper - I needed to. But I had no idea it would force me to turn inward and really see what was going on inside my body, mind, and soul. I know that this may sound a little cliche and it may be just another classic tale of a yogi, but we all come with our own wounds. The journey for each of us is different, even if it may sound the same. The end result is..well..that’s the beauty of yoga - there is no end result. It's a practice - something that you do everyday. It's not just the asanas but everything else too. It's all combined to form a practice and lifestyle for you to be the best version of yourself in every way, and in every moment.

Even though I was originally drawn to yoga for pure physical reasons, I believe that there had to have been more that drew me to this amazing journey. A little light to a path that I had no idea I was going to take, but am glad I did.

Now that you know my story, drop by our Joy Yoga Voss studio, take a class with me, and then you can tell me all about your yoga journey. See you on the mat!

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