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The Joys of #NotHotYoga

First things first, Joy Yoga is not a hot yoga studio! If you are new to yoga or just new to Joy Yoga Center, here’s what you need to know about #nothotyoga. It is no question that hot yoga has become a current yoga fad in Western culture. But is it actually beneficial to your body and overall health?

These days, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a studio that isn’t heated, regardless of the modality being taught. But there are some health risks that are present in hot yoga studios that are not an issue in studios like Joy Yoga Center that offer #NotHotYoga. So when deciding if you should nix hot yoga from your practice, consider the joys of #NotHotYoga.

We Rely on Internal Body Heat VS. External heat
While hot yoga is usually done in a room around 100 degrees, #NotHotYoga is done at an average temperature of 78 degrees and relies on the natural internal heat that is produced during the practice. So what are the dangers of a high-temp room?

Since hot yoga creates a heat-on-heat body response, the heat can overwhelm your body’s ability to control its core temperature, potentially leading to heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. Basically, you have no way of actually cooling your body down.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) recently published a concerning study in which healthy participants were observed in a 90-minute Bikram yoga class. During the class, participants’ temperatures rose to 103 degrees, narrowly missing the 104-degree mark that doctors consider dangerous.

We Don’t Offer a Space that Creates Joint Injury Risk
When students practice in a heated environment, the increase in blood flow gives them a false sense of muscular and joint flexibility than they really have. It is easy to go past your safe zone if your body is so externally warm that you cannot feel your physical limits.

At Joy Yoga Center, we offer yoga classes that allow your body to warm itself naturally and feel its muscular journey without masking potential pain.

We Keep Germs at Bay
In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, saucha or cleanliness is considered an essential, a niyama (self-discipline) that yoga teachers and studios are honoring as they disinfect mats, floors, and bathrooms to help combat the growing number of illnesses and infections related to group fitness. Unlike hot studios, we greatly decrease the germ-potential by being void of the exact environment that bacteria like to breed in.

We Minimize the Potential for Ego
The most dangerous aspect of yoga may not be the risk of the practice itself, but the dangers of the mind. Many yogis suffer from a large ego in their practice that manifests when they push themselves further than they should based on students around them. When competitive-prone people are exposed to yoga in a hot setting, it can create a lack of body awareness that could lead a novice yogi to discomfort or even injury.

This is something Joy Yoga Center wants to avoid. We give our students the empowerment in their bodies and their practice to not rely on external factors like heat.

Still want a warmer practice?
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New to yoga or Joy Yoga Center?
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