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Will You Marry Me?

Choosing the right yoga studio for you is a big commitment. It's like tying the knot with the one that's just for you, kind of like marriage. You'll be spending a lot of time at your studio and you and your practice will grow together into a strong unity. Your mind and body deserve to feel good and there’s one great way to get there. While I may be biased, I believe the road to pure self love is paved by the yoga studio that you chose. Starting out the day with some sun salutations and a mini nap (shout out to savasana) is a reminder to myself of how much I love me! Presence in a yoga community adds to the support I feel in my heart and soul. Some of things that really make belonging to a studio worth it are the guidance I receive from a teacher when they help my alignment, or getting to be part of studio challenges that help me set goals and strengthen my mind. Being part of the right yoga studio is all it’s made out to be and more! Here are the top 5 perks of joining a studio, according to me (and anyone else who is part of one):

  1. Group classes provide extra motivation and accountability.
  2. Whether the class is really early before your day gets started or after a long day of work, knowing that there will be other people there dealing with the same struggles, psychologically motivates you. You are also motivated to improve. When you see someone popping into inversions or advanced balances, it will inspire you to keep attending and achieve that yourself. Once you attend a few times your teacher will get to know you and after a while they'll know what days and time you attend and you'll start feeling guilty when you skip class to binge watch Netflix or sleep in those extra ten minutes. Behold accountability. Your teachers will say something and you'll avoid missing class to not disappoint them. It's a win-win really.

  3. The teachers know what they're doing and can help you when you don't.
  4. The biggest benefit of joining a yoga studio is the plethora of knowledgeable teachers. Whether you are new to yoga or more advanced, you will find a teacher to guide you through your practice and help you out when you need it. It could be that you need a modified triangle pose or tips on how to sink into your pigeon pose, your teacher will be there for you. Sometimes you don't know that you need help and could be doing something that could cause injury over time. Teachers are able to recognize that and will assist in adjusting the posture for your optimal benefit.

  5. There’s always a yoga class for you.
  6. Yoga studios offer a variety of yoga styles to fit your needs. From restorative to insanity, there’s always something that will go with the flow you feel for that day. Joy Yoga Center offers opportunities to deepen certain areas of your practice that you might not have the opportunity to dig into elsewhere, like a 75-minute class or workshops for beginners, inversions, meditation, and nutrition.

  7. It's a community you become part of, and that's pretty cool.
  8. Not only will this community hold you accountable and motivate you to reach your goals, but you will become a part of it. You'll be known by name when you walk in the door, you'll chat to your teachers about your progress, you'll share tips with other students, and you'll meet lifelong friends. The yoga studio community provides a positive environment for you to learn and excel in a physical and spiritual way.

  9. The perk of pride.
  10. Contrary to yogi belief, it’s okay to brag. There is no shame in being proud of your goals and accomplishments. We shouldn’t shame each other for making positive changes in our lives, feeling good and wanting the world to know. The physical and spiritual journey you are taking by practicing yoga is something to be excited about. Its human nature to show pride and while there is honor in staying humble, there is nothing wrong with sharing your passion with others.

So there you have it, there is no reason you should hold back now. While sometimes making the drive to class or even just finding the motivation to wake up earlier is challenging, there is nobody who ever attended a yoga session and thought "I shouldn't have done that." By joining a yoga studio you'll have a chance to do something that makes you feel good and gives you joy in life. And why wouldn't you want that?

We hope that you'll find that we are the right studio for you. Check out our Christmas in July specials here at Joy Yoga Center, for HUGE discounts on memberships and class packs for this month only! So come on in before time runs out!

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