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Staying in the Game

Not committed to a full time yoga practice? Love the sport you’re in?....consider specific yoga poses to enhance your game and keep you in the game by avoiding your risk of injury. The practice has so many options open to you that including just a few specific poses can increase flexibility and balance, sharpen mental concentration and overall improve your skills in a particular sport.

Here are some examples to include in your fitness program:

Runners- to counteract the pounding on hard surfaces, revive those overused muscles and tendons of legs, feet, hips, and back, try pigeon, lunging poses, and extended sideways pose.

Golfers- to master a consistent, powerful swing of the club, strengthen your entire torso with triangle and cobra pose to keep the spine flexible.

Skiers- protect your lower back, knees, hamstrings and restore with triangle pose, warrior pose, seated forward bend, cobra.

Tennis players- over time shoulders, elbows, wrists suffer from the demands of this sport. Strengthen with standing forward bend with legs wide, chair pose, warrior 2 pose, and bridge pose.

Swimmers and cyclists- Rehab tight hips, hamstrings, low back with cobra, bow, camel, and pigeon.

Join us at Joy Yoga Center for a class, or request a private instructor to help meet your goals and expectations. Begin sports yoga conditioning and advance by knowing and tuning into a stronger, confident, more flexible you. Derive all the benefits of this practice that combine body and mental training to last a lifetime.

Barbara Strax

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