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It’s Not a Race. It’s a Process.

When you are first born, you breathe into your belly and then down into the corners of your back. This is 100% breathing. If you have a baby in your life, look at their beautiful round belly expand as they breathe in. We grow up, we hurry up, and we lose about 80% of this breath. As a Mom, you often feel that you are living with only 20% of the breath that is left. We are tired. We are bombarded with responsibilities and programmed to feed, clean, teach and entertain our kids. It’s time for a system update. For you to bring yourself back into breath awareness of 40-60-80-100% you need to learn how to take time out for yourself.

The gifts of this awareness are endless. Perhaps the most important gift is the one that you will pass onto your child by showing them how to set boundaries to preserve the self. To honor what your body and mind will need, show your children discipline and guilt-free self-care. This is conscious parenting - your excuse and motivator when your “mommy responsibilities” trump your me-time.

Take this Mother’s day and make it the first day that you also mother yourself. It’s not always about being able to attend a class. It IS about you unrolling your yoga mat next to your bed, in the living room, or even on the back deck for 10 minutes. By giving more to yourself, you will have more to give to everyone in your life.

Here are three simple ways to incorporate yoga into your life as a Mom.
1. Watch your baby breathe and mimic the breathing. INHALE: fill your chest, followed by your ribs, then fill your belly (filling the corners of your back). EXHALE: belly first, then ribs, then chest. Just doing this three times will help your mind find some quiet, allowing your emotions to find some sort of calmness.

2. When your baby naps, this is your time to fuel up. Just 10 minutes of yoga can refresh and restore you. Don’t always think about your yoga practice as a strengthening flow, try a restorative pose-or-two for your 10 minute practice.

3. Use your voice with your partner, children, or friend and ask for support. It’s just a matter of you finding this important enough to bring a voice to it. Investments are a lot more than finances, they can be for respecting the mind & body that you are in, which in turn will give you more health and happiness.

This is not a race. It is a process. It is your one beautiful life that you share with those whom you gave life to. To be able to find joy in this experience, you need to try and give yourself 10 minutes on the mat which will allow you to find more pockets of energy and grace every day.

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Sahar Paz is an author and yoga practitioner living in Houston, TX. To find out more please visit www.saharpaz.com

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