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No Presents, But a Gift of Presence

Have you been thinking about a perfect Mother’s Day gift ? No wrapping required nor standing in long lines. Have you thought of a shared yoga class with the most important and special woman in your life?

The greatest expression of love and kindness is to take your mother by the hand and share a yoga class with you in honor of Mother’s Day. As a parent I have learned life’s most important lessons were from my own sons and daughter. You too have something of value to impart. If you practice yoga , you have wisdom beyond your years! Sharing something you love, with someone you love. Has your parent forgotten that in order to care well for others, one must take care of oneself first and foremost? It is not selfish nor self indulgent, but necessary. When on an airplane, we are instructed in an emergency to place an oxygen mask on oneself first, and then so for your child. That’s right save yourself before you help another-what a concept!

As a parent of young children years ago, my son’s piano teacher noticed how tired I looked and she wisely reminded me, ‘if you don’t care of yourself, you can’t be a good mother’. That was my wake up call. I realized I was behaving more like a martyr than a mother and that was not acceptable nor practical. I had already practiced yoga for years but had not done so consistently. I was struck by how I allowed myself to think caring for my family meant being selfless and single minded in caring for them 24/7. I immediately found a class to attend while my little ones were in nusery school. Back in the 1980’s there were scarcely any studios available to choose from and so the choices were seriously limited. Yoga was my preferred physical and mental outlet so I’m fortunate to have found a class convenient to my schedule and near my home.

Clearly, if you have a membership with Joy Yoga Center, you have several available class choices every day and a wide array of times from early morning into the evening. Since instructing class at this amazing studio, I know first hand that there are classes available for EVERY BODY. Yoga is for every age group, every body type, flexible or not flexible, experienced of not familiar with the names of yoga poses. There is a type and style of yoga class to suit the needs of your parent. If you need a suggestion, I would recommend gentle yoga or restorative yoga if this is a first time experience. If you have a favorite class or instructor, then go with that choice. Also, let the instructor know, as all who instruct here, welcome and encourage what your particular needs may be. If you have concerns regarding past injuries or physical limitations, yoga poses can be modified to facilitate a safe and beneficial practice. You can be reassured that yoga is safe and helpful when practiced mindfully. You may also consider a private session for you and your mom.

If you do give a gift of a yoga class, you may find that this gift of presence, is a gift to yourself as well.

Namaste’, Barbara Strax

Treat your mom to the gift of yoga this Mother’s day! Members bring your mom to any class at either studio for FREE on May 8th & receive 25% off one retail item.

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