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Perfect Your Pose with Private Yoga

Group classes can be quite fun since you get to meet new people, and interact with a group of people that share some common interests. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get the individualized instruction and attention that a private yoga lesson can provide.

Here are 5 benefits of taking a private yoga lesson.

Gain Confidence
If you are just starting off your practice, you might feel intimidated when attending a group class. Taking a private lesson can help lessen that anxiety and provide you with the fundamentals you will need to feel comfortable in a group class. You will be able to learn the basics of yoga, including all of the essential poses.

Finding the Right Class
With so many different types of yoga classes out there, a private instructor will be able to provide recommendations on what type of yoga works best for you based on their observations during the private lesson.

Don’t Risk Injury
Taking a private yoga lesson can be a great way to acquire specialized instruction, especially if you have a specific health concern or injury. Working with a private yoga instructor will teach you how to modify poses that work best with your body. They will also be able to determine if you should just avoid any pose all together.

Perfect a Pose
Getting one on one attention can help you reach your goals much faster. Perfecting a pose can be quite difficult on your own. With a private lesson, your instructor can give you guidelines on how to reach a specific pose or goal, designed just for you.

Deepen Your Practice
If you are already an experienced yogi, you can definitely still benefit from a private yoga lesson. If you’re wanting to become the best yogi version of yourself and deepen your practice, taking a private lesson can lead you to just that. Your private instructor will be able to guide you into more challenging poses and show you sequences that will help you grow as a yogi.

Now that you’ve learned a few benefits, are you ready to perfect your pose?

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