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Be Your Best You With Private Yoga

Take a moment and imagine yourself deciding to take your first yoga class. You start to gather your things before class. Mat? Check! Cute yoga leggings? Check! Water bottle? Check! A sense of apprehension? Check! As you walked into the studio, did you figure out where to sit? Did it seem like everyone around you knew what they were doing? Since you made it to the class, you took a deep breath and decided that you were going to enjoy yourself anyway. However, as class started, the teacher started calling out all these names in what sounded like some ancient foreign language. It seemed the only way that you could move through class was to watch the other people around you. But wait, why was everyone doing something just a little bit differently? You take a moment to regroup and catch up with the class. By this time, the instructor may have realized that you needed some help and had walked over to assist you. Sure, individualized attention is great, but not when it seems like you were holding back the class or the instructor had to stop class to give you instructions. Eventually you made it through class, but not without some scars to your pride. Maybe yoga was not such a good idea after all…

Was this your first experience with yoga? This scenario is one of many that arouses fear for a yoga newbie. The practice of yoga goes back at least 3000 years, but the concepts are still universal and relatable today. Everything from mindfulness, focus, and balance is taught in the classes. If the idea of going to a large class scares you, why not try giving a private yoga lesson a chance? The opportunity to work one-on-one with a knowledgeable instructor is an experience you will not forget. Still not convinced? We’ve addressed some common concerns that people may have before deciding that a private yoga lesson may be a good option for them.

I don’t know how to do yoga! Why would I want to take a private lesson?
As a beginner, taking a private lesson can ease the fear or intimidation of joining a large yoga class. There’s nothing worse than feeling you’re the odd-man out because you cannot pop straight into Virabhadhrasana 2 or Ardha Chandrasaana, or even know what those names mean. Explain to your instructor your qualms about taking a group yoga class, and they can really guide you some foundational poses in a private session so you can comfortably begin to navigate through the sequence of a class in a yoga studio.

I’m already comfortable in a yoga class. How could I benefit from a private lesson?
As an experienced yogi, sometimes taking group classes can only take you so far in your progress. You can learn how to really deepen your practice, and have the lesson be oriented toward your own personal goals. The one-on-one attention is ideally suited for an instructor to give you specific cues and steps to work on at home. This focused practice can also be just what you need to nail challenging poses, like handstands or arm balances, or to set the practice around alignment of your body in all poses.

My yoga class is already too fast. How will I be able to keep up in a private?
The pace can be set to your level. This is great because not only will you have a truly customized yoga class, but you can also have your instructor teach you to be mindful and work around any injuries or aches you may have. Maybe you felt that some of the group classes moved faster than you wanted. Maybe you felt that you really wanted a fast moving yoga class, but just couldn’t find one that fits your desire. Tell your instructor beforehand what your desires are, and they will be able to create a sequences specifically tailored to your wants.

Aren’t private yoga lessons way more expensive than going to a yoga class?
While a private yoga lesson’s cost can be a bit more than a class, the benefit of having an individualized experience can outweigh extra cost you incur. The great thing about working with an instructor privately is that you are not at the mercy of the studio’s class scheduling; you are now able to utilize any part of your schedule to fit in some yoga. Also, many instructors are willing to come to you, which makes the option of taking a private even more appealing. Talk to your instructor to see if they have an in-studio rate and a travel rate to choose the best option for you.

Can I stop to ask my instructor questions?
Absolutely! If you have had any private tutoring lessons in your life, you know the purpose was to have such focused attention on you and to be able to ask as many questions as you liked about a particular subject or question. The same philosophy holds for your yoga private lesson. Instructors that offer privates are usually incredibly knowledgeable and can give you insights into the practice of yoga that you may not hear in a class of 30 students. Additionally, they will want you to know why you are aligned in a certain way so you can recreate that muscle memory either in your own personal practice or in a yoga class. Why is alignment so important in a yoga practice? Ask your instructor!

I’m already involved in another sport and take yoga classes. How can this benefit me?
To be skilled, injury-free, and progress in your performance in any other sport, especially running or cycling, any good coach will recommend cross training to develop strength, flexibility, and balance. Yoga already is a great marriage of all those elements! However, in a large class, it can be hard for an instructor to tailor the class to your running or cycling goals. In a private lesson, your instructor can come up with a sequence for you to develop flexibility and strength in those overused muscles. Your yoga lesson can also be oriented more for stretching and restoration, which are great for designated “rest” days.

So there you have it: answers to many common questions surrounding private yoga lessons in one blog post. While the idea of a private lesson may seem daunting at first, it in fact can be a great way to get your feet wet into the wide world of yoga or learn how to dive headfirst into a deeper practice. April is the perfect time to decide to have a private lesson with your favorite instructor at Joy Yoga. All month long, the studio is offering 25% off of all private lessons bought. If you were on the fence about purchasing private lessons, now is the perfect time to schedule one. Ask any questions to the Front Desk staff the next time you are at Joy Yoga.

Whether you choose to have a tailored lesson in the privacy of your own home or in a studio room at Joy Yoga, know you will be in good hands as you delve deeper into your yoga practice. Namaste!

Bhakti Chavda is a Joy Yoga employee and a Joy Yoga University student in teacher training. You can catch her welcoming yogis and yoiginis into class. Ready to book your private lesson? Click Here!

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