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10 Reasons To Do Joy Yoga University

If you ask anyone who has ever done a yoga teacher training they will most likely tell you the same thing - let go of your expectations, because it will be so much more than you could ever imagine.

Leading teacher trainings I have watched students overcome shyness, make life-long friends, change their body and mindset, break down self-imposed barriers, turn their world upside down, and learn to flip their perspective completely.

There are infinite reasons to do teacher training, including learning to be your own teacher. I’ve compiled a list of ten of the top reasons to join our teacher training:

10 Reasons To Do Joy Yoga University
    1. We know everyone has their own unique path to joy, and we help you find that. Our diverse teaching staff will introduce you to a variety of style of yoga and prepare you to teach anyone, anywhere in the world.

    2. Through experiential practice you’ll learn to get in tune with your body, mind and spirit.

    3. As a group and as individuals, we experience profound personal growth by delving deep into yogic wisdom.

    4. You will get into better physical and mental health and develop a disciplined and sustainable practice.

    5. Learn to increase your strength, stamina, stability, flexibility, and range of motion... then take these skills from your practice into your life.

    6. Understand, experience and learn how to share the therapeutic benefits of yoga.

    7. Boost your confidence and get comfortable trying new things and being creative.

    8. Join a community of like-minded individuals and become part of a growing group of yogis who want to experience and incite positive change.

    9. Connect with a personal mentor who will help guide you through the experience.

    10. Experience profound change in your yoga practice and your life. At Joy Yoga University, our mission is to combine practical, hands-on experience with traditional yoga philosophy and theory. We believe that this is the key to developing confident, knowledgeable teachers who are prepared to take yoga to their friends, family and community. Our 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified program will provide you with the knowledge, tools and experience to begin teaching intelligent and enthusiastic classes.

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