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Overcoming Cravings: What Your Body Really Wants

As yogis, we learn to be aware of our mind and body and listen to what it really wants and tells us. Most of the time, that feeling that you need to have chocolate or French fries, is a feeling to explore a bit more internally. In starting this week with our clean eating challenge, we know you will struggle a bit. That’s part of the journey though. If we didn’t struggle in our lives, we wouldn’t appreciate anything and learn or grow. This isn’t going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it. We’ve developed 8 tips to help you overcome your cravings.

1. Ask yourself if you’re really hungry – sometimes you might not really be hungry, but just bored. Instead of doing nothing, you resort to food.

2. Consider what your body needs – think about what you have already eaten for the day. Ask yourself if you need more sugar, more liquids, protein etc.

3. Pay attention to what you crave – maybe your body is trying to tell you something.

4. Distract yourself – try picking up a hobby that will take up some of your day so that you won’t have time to constantly snack on things.

5. Plan out your meals for the day – if you plan out your meals for the day, it’ll be easier to pick out healthy foods, rather than going through your fridge for the first thing you see, which may or may not be healthy.

6. Drink water – drinking water will help fill you up, not leaving much room for the extra snack foods that you might have craved.

7. Eat fruit – fruits are a great alternative to typical foods that you may crave. They are sweet enough to satisfy that sugar craving that people usually tend to have.

8. Choose quality over quantity – binging on foods because you’re hungry is not always the best thing you can do. Instead, try eating a few healthy full meals throughout the day, rather than a bunch of snacks.

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