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Why Eating Clean is Essential for Your Practice

It might seem like common sense that yogis are generally healthy eaters. It’s probably hard to imagine your yoga instructor downing a burger with greasy hands, stuffing fries into their face, and washing it down with a milkshake or devouring an entire pizza by themselves. It’s not that they don’t think it’s delicious (because believe me, they do) but a true yogis brain is rewired to honor their bodies and, to be mindful and aware.

When you make healthy food choices you nourish your body and show it gratitude for what it provides. Think of what yoga is and does for the body. It stretches and strengthens your bones, muscles and even organs. However, through yoga alone your bones, muscles and organs will not thrive. If you don’t remember your high-school biology course, everything inside your body is part of a complicated interconnected system that has to run perfectly to keep you going. Your body is the house for your soul. Think of your own home. You probably get nice things to decorate it, water the plants, and do things to give it value. It’s where you feel comfortable and happy. The less you take care of it, the dirtier and messier it gets and the worse living there can be. Walls will start rotting, appliances will stop working, mold will start growing and you are giving an open invitation to any vermin like mice and cockroaches to come inside. You can’t get a pretty house and get really nice things for it, then trash it all the time and expect it to be just as comfortable. And because you are human and imperfect even when you keep your home clean and beautiful, sometimes you will add a bit of junk here and there to your house and every once in awhile you’ll need a deep thorough cleaning. That is the same way you should treat your body.

Grease ridden foods for example, are awful for your body. You might think you’re showing yourself love when you feed into your cravings of fried food, but you’re actually increasing your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cause overall stress in your body. By eating greasy, fried, fatty foods you are harming your body and not showing it love. Even just overeating can put a great load on your body since your digestive system will have to work overtime and use more energy to process all the food. Your mind and body will be left feeling dilapidated as there will be fewer resources to keep your immune system strong.

Eating clean will strengthen your mind, help you feel better and think more clearly. Yoga has as much to do with the mind as it does the body. Your mind is what controls your movements and your actions. Mindfulness helps you listen to your mind and decode what your body wants. Being aware of your body and how it feels contributes to making healthier eating decisions that will provide strength for your body.

To keep your mind and body maintained, eat fresh or minimally processed food which will help you thrive internally and externally. Eat protein to help rebuild tissues in your body that has been hurt. Don’t rule out all carbohydrates or fats, since some of them are good and fuel your body with energy. Fruits and vegetables contain minerals and vitamins to help support your overall system. Then once in awhile, detox your body from the junk you’ve put in it and give yourself a little jumpstart.

We know it’s sometimes easier said than done, which is why beginning in March, Joy Yoga Center challenges you to spend 30 days focusing on clean eating following the Whole30 diet. This is your chance the show your body and mind the love it needs and deserves. We will be with you every step of the way through weekly detox flows and clean eating potlucks. It’s time to detox, revitalize and restore our bodies. Sign up here today!

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