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Go Love Yourself

Truth time. Valentine’s Day commercially glorifies being in a relationship which is why many have dubbed it “Single’s Awareness Day”. But can we also acknowledge that, while you might be single there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and no one needs to feel bad because of one day which celebrates relationships. I’m going to take it up a notch and say that there are other holidays that a person that celebrates Valentine’s Day may not be able to celebrate such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Can we simply feel happiness for those who are happy and get a chance to celebrate any holiday, or just for happy for ourselves just because? What I actually want to get out there is directed to everyone single, married, partnered, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers: the most important celebration and love in your life should be YOU. Be your own happiness and not dependent on anything or anyone to give you that! Stop rolling your eyes... Loving yourself is the most important thing and the only thing that keeps you going in life. If you don’t love yourself you have absolutely no reason to make an effort in your life, and if you want to say that you love someone else which is why you make an effort let me tell you right now that person is going to be happier when you love yourself first.

Let’s get real again, we are born alone and die alone. The reality of life is that there is no certainty in anything except death. The people in our lives may come and go, but you, the soul that is you, is going be in the body you were given until death. Such is life. The only thing you can control in your life is your thoughts, actions, and reactions. When you love yourself everything else falls into place. You will love yourself when you appreciate all of who you are. Good qualities and bad qualities. Because you are a human with flaws and imperfections. You make mistakes and you don’t always learn from them. But you are more than your flaws and mistakes, you are good and have a unique set of qualities that makes you the person you are today. When you can recognize that and find value in all that you’re made up of and appreciate it, you’ll be on the right path. And you’ll come across your own hardships and life will test you but the fact you love yourself will help you believe in your strength and ability to overcome everything.

So love yourself. Today, tomorrow, and everyday. Be your own Valentine whether you have someone or not. Buy yourself flowers and a card. Take a selfie and tell yourself you look good. Go to yoga and clear your mind. Take a nap and rest your body. Accept your imperfections and let your worries go. Self love is true love.

Namaste Y’all!

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