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Midnight has just struck, and in all the merriment and sharing of bubbly, you sit there and reminisce on how you spent your last year. Then, you think of things that made you both happy and unhappy (usually, we tend to ponder just a little longer on the latter). What exactly made us unhappy? Do we wish we were fitter, ate healthier, or some combination of both? Quite possibly, and we decide that this will be the year that we stick out our resolutions and not give up on them come February.

Does this sound familiar? Trust me when I say that you are not alone. According to Nieslen ratings, a whopping 69% of Americans in 2015 made resolutions to stay fit and healthy and to lose weight. Sounds awesome, right? Well, as you may have guessed, University of Scranton states that disappointingly only 8% of people who make those resolutions go on to achieve their goals. However, the stats also mention that people who do make clear resolutions are the ones who are more likely, up to 10 times in fact, to eventually attain their goals than people who do not state their resolutions.

So, what does that mean for us? That just because it is February and we may have lost momentum for our resolutions, all is not lost! The fact that you made resolutions to change in your life is a perfect start! If you are looking for some ways to reflect upon your goals, here are some effective ways to continue your journey into 2016:

  1. First of all, revisit your resolution and write it down! There’s nothing more powerful than having a fleeting dream become concrete goal.

  2. Make sure your goals are still simple and attainable. There’s nothing worse than feeling disheartened as you continue to strive toward an unrealistic goal. If you work 60-70 hour work weeks, maybe attending 7 yoga classes in one week is not feasible. Cut down the number to a value your body (and stress levels!) can manage. Also, look for creative ways to continue your practice. Sources, such as MyJoyYoga.com, allow you to take your practice anywhere without physically having to be at a gym.

  3. Goals should be SMART! Meaning, they should be Specific, Measurable, involve a Reward for sticking to it, and Trackable. We all want to work out, eat healthy, mediate, and de-stress every day, doing all of those things every day seems like a lofty goal! Instead, try setting times and numbers for each goal. Maybe in February, you work out 2-3 times a week for 30 min. That seems better, right? Also, 1 bad meal in the a whole week of eating healthy does not derail your progress, so give yourself some slack.

  4. Give yourself constant reminders. Plan your fitness goals or mediation goals into your daily calendar. If you are not married to your calendar like I am, then break out those whiteboard markers and leave yourself reminders on your bathroom mirror! I also like to dedicate my front door to quotes that inspire me to maintain changes I am making in my life.

Remember, it takes at least 21 days to develop a new habit into our lives. So, get creative in how you want to maintain that motivation! Don’t be too hard on yourself if you have times in your life that prevent you from keeping up with the goals you have set. Adjust your schedule as needed temporarily, and then come back to the original plan as life allows you to do so. Let this year be the year you break the statistic! Good luck with continuing all the resolutions you have made. Namaste!

Bhakti is a Joy Yoga employee and a Joy Yoga University student in teacher training. You can catch her welcoming yogis and yoiginis into class. Looking to keep up those resolutions by coming to Joy Yoga? Check out our class schedule here!

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