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Commit to Wellness this Year

Taking care of yourself is a vital, but so often we put our own wellness on hold to take care of other responsibilities. This often leaves us feeling depleted and frustrated, but also makes us less effective in fulfilling our many other responsibilities.

Committing to self-care in January sets a wonderful precedent for the rest of the year, which is why we have made it our theme this month.In fact, much of our social media this month will aim to inspire you with self-care topics and tips.

A consistent yoga practice along with journaling, eating well and getting enough sleep are easy ways to begin a solid self-care routine.

To get you started, Joy Yoga Director, Brittany Kraft, has shared some of her favorite self-care activities with us in her note below.

A practice I like to integrate into my daily life is closing my eyes and checking in with my four selves: the emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental. When I notice I’ve been neglecting a part of myself, I bring in little practices of self-care. Here are some of my favorite self-care activities:

  • Taking a warm bath with my favorite essential oils and sea salts
  • Going for a walk in nature and listening to the sounds of birds, wind, and the earth under my feet
  • Cooking a healthy meal that nourishes my body
  • Practicing yoga with my community and feeling supported by others
  • Drawing or writing in my garden
  • When you uplift for yourself, you feel compelled to uplift others. This is an enlightening experience. One of my favorite contemporary mystics, Richard Rohr, says it best, “The only way to hold on to joy is to consciously and intentionally give it away. Once you stop being a conduit, you lose if yourself.”

    To begin planning your well-rounded self-care regimen, visit our website here to review and plan your classes.

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