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Holiday Gift Guide

Giving the Gift of Relaxation

Want to give the gift of stress reduction, improved mood and enhanced health to someone you love this holiday season? With so many yoga packages and accessories to choose from, it’s hard to decide where to get started. To help those who could use a few suggestions, we have compiled the yogi gift-giving tips below.

The Gift of Relaxation: A Joy Yoga Membership or Class Pack

Yoga classes are the ideal gift for those who have been dealing with stressful circumstances at home or work. For those new to yoga, we recommend gifting a 5 or 10 class pack and perhaps a mat or water bottle to get them started. Avid yogis, would most certainly be pleased to receive a membership package. Click here to see membership packages or here to see class packages.

A Gift for Two: Private Yoga Classes

Yoga is a wonderful hobby to share with a loved one and it can be made extra special when practiced in a private setting. The gift of private yoga is excellent for strengthening friendship and love relationships. It’s also a lot fun. Click here to see Private Yoga packages.

A Joy Yogi Kind of Gift

Yogis that practice at Joy Yoga well know the tempting retail items we keep stocked at our studios, making gift cards the perfect gift for this group. From necessary items like mats and towels to gotta-have goodies like bracelets, T-shirts and jewelry, there’s always something tempting in our retail section.

A Gift for an On-the-Go Yogi

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, the yogi on-the-go can benefit from a subscription to My Joy Yoga. The subscription offers an unlimited ability to live stream Joy Yoga yoga classes or watch them on-demand making it easy for your loved one to keep up with their yoga practice at home or on the road. Learn more about My Joy Yoga here.

Joy Yoga University Teacher Training

For loved ones who are truly passionate about yoga and are considering teacher training, funding or helping to fund their education is a beautiful and incomparable gift. Once you’ve determined that your loved one is truly interested in becoming a certified yoga teacher, we can work with you to have their tuition paid in full or can help you select a gift card denomination that can be applied to their tuition costs.

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