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4 Reasons You Should Try Private Yoga

Hiring a personal trainer is not a new concept. People are constantly seeking guidance from a professional to learn helpful and safe techniques in order to achieve their health goals. Bodies come in different sizes, shapes and health levels, and getting a personal trainer allows you to experience a workout plan that is designed just for you and your body.

So, if people invest in personal gym trainers all the time, why not the same for yoga? Everybody deserves a chance at a solid and healthy workout, don’t you think you do? The difference between a personal gym trainer and a private yoga instructor is substantial. Private yoga instructors take personal training to the next level. Not only do you get full body workout, but then they rehabilitate you with proper stretching and breathing exercises that your body craves after a hard workout.

A healthy workout is not limited to how much you sweat or how much weight you can lift, but also how it prospers you mentally and emotionally. A private yoga instructor will create a customized yoga regimen fit for your body and fitness level, and then will act as your person coach guiding you along your journey teaching you the best yoga practices.

Four Specific Benefits About Private Yoga:

1. Get individual attention your practice needs. If you are a beginner, your private yoga instructor will work with you on the alignment of your newly learned yoga poses. You will build a strong foundation to further your practice and not risk the chance learning two years later that you’ve been doing poses all wrong.

2. Haven’t mastered a pose? Individual attention from a yoga instructor is going to benefit your poses immensely. Your instructor can work with you on advanced poses that you may not get to try in class. Trying to master arm balances? You can have a private yoga session dedicated entirely to that and what works best for you. You can do whatever you want in private yoga classes, all you have to do is ask!

3. Healing and happiness will happen. Whether you are dealing with an injury or a difficult case of anxiety, yoga instructors will work with you. Yoga has the power to heal on all levels, and in a one-on-one class, yoga can be adapted to meet the needs of people looking to manage their pain and suffering. If you are facing health challenges, highly skilled teachers can help you better navigate your body, reduce your symptoms and improve quality of life.

4. Beyond just poses, yoga instructors will be your yoga guides. Instructors join in with you on your yoga journey and relay in-depth knowledge about what yoga is and what it does. They teach the importance of breathing and meditation. Your private instructor will get to know you and help you reach your goals whether they’re spiritual, mental, emotional or physical.

No matter what you are trying to achieve, a private yoga class will help you attain what you want to get out of your practice. Joy Yoga Centers offer private yoga classes that can supplement your in studio and home practice.

Visit our Private Yoga page for more information and to purchase one of our private yoga plans today!

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