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Why Mom's Should Do Yoga

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Does that describe your life as a mom? Moms are busy bees! For centuries, women have been conditioned to take on the caretaker role, both in the family and in our society. Along with that role, moms are taught they must always put their children’s needs first.

However, to be the best moms we can be for our children, we must first invest in taking care of our whole being – the mind, body, and heart – before we can offer the best version of ourselves to our kids. Yes, I just said it: moms first, then the kids. We must change the formula if we are seeking to be the most joyful moms and families we can be.

But what about the time factor? Well, mom darlings, we must restructure our day-to-day schedule for how we do things. Many of us are experts at scheduling and maintaining our families’ calendars. So, let us put first things first: you and yoga. Pencil it in now. There. Didn’t that feel good?

Now here are some reasons why moms should make time to do yoga:

Yoga Decreases Stress

Moms have a lot on their plate and stress is nasty; it interferes with our loving relationships with our OHMazing kiddos. Yoga lowers stress. When we are decreasing our stress, we are saying a big, resounding “YES!” to our well-being and the well-being of our relationships.

It’s obvious now, right? Yoga equals a happy mom, and a happy mom equals happy kids.

Lose the Baby Love on the Bum, Not in the Heart

In addition to decreasing stress in our lives, yoga gets us fit and toned. The big question moms ask post-baby is, “How do I get all this baby love weight off of me?” The answer, of course, is yoga! By toning the bum and decreasing stress, the win-wins here keep stacking up.

Yoga Together is Always Better

We love to spend quality time with our kids. So why not share the benefits of yoga with your kiddos? Ever tried a family yoga class? They are tons of fun, and a great way to bring all the benefits of yoga to you and your whole family. And by the way, I know a great family yoga teacher, and she happens to be writing this piece. (Ok, shameless plug there.) But seriously, family yoga gets us to unplug and tune into each other as a family. We get our bodies moving, which is great for physical and mental health. We laugh a LOT and, if you happen to be in my family yoga classes, we always do something creative together.

So remember, moms, put you first. Your well-being matters, and if you are not well, the latest research in neuroscience shows that your non-wellness, most likely in the form of stress and intense emotions, will have a negative effect on your kids’ behavior and well-being.

By putting you first, you are, in many ways, putting your kids’ well-being and positive development at the forefront. Remember this formula: yoga equals happy moms and happy moms equal happy kids.

Om Shanti Om ~ Athea

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