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Five Reasons for Men to Do Yoga

More and more men doing yoga. In fact, it’s a rapidly growing demographic. Here are five reasons why men are embracing and participating in this amazing discipline. (Which, by the way, was invented, refined and practiced by men over thousands of years!)

Yoga Makes You Physically Stronger

Yoga strengthens and lengthens major muscles and, more importantly, recruits and develops many muscles in your body that traditional weight lifting simply ignores. For example, traditional weight lifting for shoulders isolates the larger deltoids, but often neglects the smaller rotator cuff muscles. This can lead to muscle imbalance and cause impingement and pain. Additionally, yoga will make your core incredibly strong. A majority of yoga poses incorporate your abdominal and back muscles to strengthen your core without doing boring crunches!

Yoga Makes You More Flexible

Conscious breathing coordinated with intention and movement simply allows your muscles a freedom they have not experienced previously. This is an amazing process. Over time and with practice, your muscles just get longer, stronger and more flexible. Whether you’re an athlete or weekend warrior, introducing yoga into your exercise routine will increase your flexibility and reduce your risk of injury in sports.

Yoga Improves Your Spine and Posture

We live in a world that requires we sit for long periods of time, be it while driving, at work, or at home, at the expense of our health. Too much sitting puts incredible pressure on our lumbar lordosis, the natural inward curve of our lower lumbar spine. When we begin to lose our lordosis, back pain and unnatural spinal curvature can result. Many Yoga poses are designed to maintain the proper lordosis in the spine, as well as strengthen the back and core, which directly improves your posture.

Yoga Reduces Stress

In yoga, as you link your breath to physical movement you will notice physiological change. Your brain receives significantly more oxygen, which reduces tension in your physical body and helps release mental stress. I’ve shown up to many a class stressed out from a rough day at work only to leave with a clear mind and renewed sense of energy. I often find that I’m able to view situations from a completely different perspective after class.

Yoga Makes You More Attractive

With regular yoga practice, you develop longer and leaner muscles, as well as smaller muscles not engaged in traditional weight lifting that provide a more defined profile. Your posture improves, which allows you to stand taller and with an open heart. Your skin tone improves, and you are more radiant from the real breathing you do in practice. Even better, your performance in the bedroom will improve. (Need I say more?) Yoga also makes you more present and conscious, which improves communication skills with significant others, a very attractive trait.

You also might just find yourself smiling more often!

Any guys out there who are new to yoga or have been on the fence about giving it a try? Then come to our Men’s Workshop beginning May 17. The workshop will be a stress-free environment and empower you to begin yoga or help enhance your current practice. For more information and to sign up,click here.

Namaste ~ Sean Bohn

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