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5 Ways To Make Your St. Patrick's Day Healthier

Yogis Can Be Green

Traditionally, St. Patrick’s Day is a day filled with friends, food, frippery and a lot of frivolity. All that fun (did we mention this post is brought to you by the letter F) can de-rail our health and wellness goals so follow these five easy to keep you healthy and happy.

Skip the beer. Are those collective groans I hear? Remember beer contains high amounts of nutritionally dead calories that your body stores and converts to fat.. If you wish to imbibe, choose a lighter calorie beer or make a green smoothie with avocado, bananas and almond milk. This nutrient, protein and literally green smoothie will keep you feeling full and satisfied while still letting you sport your Irish pride.

Ireland is a very cold place and the traditional cuisine reflects that climate. Heavy, dense foods like bangers and mash, sausages, mashed potatoes and corned beef hash. Substitute a green salad made with fresh spinach, strawberries and a light sprinkling of feta cheese. It’s fresh, healthy and mirrors the green, red and white colors of the Irish flag!

Burn off the calories from the food and frivolity by learning a traditional Irish dance. These extremely aerobic dances burn an incredible amount of calories so channel your inner Lord of the Dance and create your own feile (pronounced fay-leh) or festival of dancing.

If you’re planning on attending a parade or pub crawl, consider biking there! We all know that cycling is a great workout for your heart and a super fun group activity. Decorate your bicycle with recycled and thrift decorations to stay environmentally friendly and remember to always wear your helmet!

If you like to put your best Irish face forward by painting yourself with the colors of the Irish flag, consider this. Most store bought face paints contain high levels of artificial colors and ingredients that are both harmful to your skin and the environment. Making your own face paints using a mixture of cornstarch, organic face lotions, and natural or homemade food colorings are good for everybody!

In Gaelic, “sláinte mhaith” means good health. With these tips, stay healthy, happy and green!

Sláinte mhaith friends!

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