Best Relaxing Games

Chill out from Stressed day

The internet offers a lot of things that make our life easier – but most importantly, it can make our life significantly more chilled thanks to the amazing relaxing video games available online. These relaxing video games can come in many types and forms – from strategy to multiplayer games and even gambling games that can give us the best time of our lives. Thanks to these games, we can stop thinking about the problems and de-stress while enjoying spending our time playing fun games. Also, these games are great because in many cases, they train our brain, so we become more agile and more concentrated in the mundane daily life. Online games become even greater when players can win some real cash out of playing. This is actually a possible pastime activity, thanks to the best online casino games. Click over here now to find the safest online casinos where you can play for free, using no deposit bonuses.

Most Relaxing Video Games for PC

Although relaxing video games are super-fun, it can be really hard to find the best ones for you. So, in order to help you out, we’ve created a list of the most fun and exciting, yet relaxing video games possible. Here are our top picks:


There is nothing as relaxing as being underwater (well of course, for everyone besides those who are afraid of the deep). Either way, this game is simply amazing because it has amazing graphics and soothing sounds throughout the game.

Wild Mantra Slot

One of the best things about legal online casinos is that they are great for offering an abundance of casino games, including the amazing wild mantra slot. You can play this one for free online or for real money as well as other online relaxing games here including blackjack games, video poker, roulette games or numerous other themed slots games that can relax you or make your day better by winning some extra money. Besides this, such legal online casinos are great because they offer an abundance of casino bonuses – including the most famous one – the welcome casino bonus. You can double your first real money deposit, relax and have the time of your life at online casinos. Focus on the best legal online casino platforms, because sometimes finding a trusted online casino to play at can be really hard. The ones with the best betting conditions and bonuses, are definitely the ones you’ve been looking for.

Stardew Valley

If you want to be away from the big smoke, you’ll find that this one is absolutely one of the most relaxing games ever. It features a burned-out city worker finding soothing in his grandfather’s farm.

House Flipper

Although we really didn’t like the beginning of this game, we surely enjoyed playing a game that allowed us to turn a dump into a chic sanctuary and then sell it for a good profit. It is a great game that features home design, working your way to the top and simply fair game. And, if you like the therapeutic qualities of cleaning, you’ll surely love this game.

Netent Games on Playamo

One of the best platforms is here with the full support of Netent offering some of the heftiest libraries of games that have something even for the pickiest gamers. This is not news, however to someone who has the experience with this site, but now the bonuses are getting even more attractive, so we suggest you take a peek here.


One of the best games you can find online is Proteus, as it is great for getting out of your daily routine.


Flow was originally an online Flash game, and it is a simple game that helps you customize your own game and enjoy it at your own pace. No rush, just a simple game session.

Donut County

Sometimes this indie game can be really challenging, but what we really loved about it were the brightly colored objects and the graphics is soothing on its own. It doesn’t take itself very seriously, which makes it the perfect relaxing game for those who seek to chill and play games. Imagine earning some extra money while you are relaxing with a fun game? Sounds great, right? Here on, you can enjoy playing the best online bingo games, without any deposits included.


Another soothing game from that we fell in love from the first sight with is Gris. You are an eponymous protagonist and you bring color to a monochrome world – it is a great story with colors, music and a lot of dynamics.


If you love nature, you’ll love the game of Everything – it has no limits!

Katamari Damacy Reroll

If you feel like you are always handling everyone’s mess, you’ll love this game – it is in full HD, and it has a perfect set of graphics too.