Hear what people are saying:

“Joy Yoga has a family feel to it. From the minute I started going they took the trouble to know my name. The classes are great, varied and the teachers are so warm and personable, but each with their own style so that you really increase and grow your practice. I don't think it's too much to say that joining Joy was the best decision I've made for myself this year. Also no pressure to do hot yoga, YEAY!” - Karla K

“I like the fact that I am able to fit yoga into my busy schedule... #wonderful daily hours.” - Lynette S

“Best yoga studio in houston! The staff is super friendly and instructors are amazing!” - Lin G

“I love Joy Yoga. As a new yogi I feel very comfortable in this studio and really enjoy the instructors. They each have unique and special styles that influence their practice. That is what I love most- the care, passion and fun that they bring to each class.” - Stephanie B

“Thank you so much for a fabulous experience at Joy Yoga Center! Joining the May's Pursuit to Joy Challenge was what I needed to find clarity, joy, focus, and playtime in my practice. I made friends, had great conversations with staff and fellow yogis, got so many hugs, and of course, the savasana--all the savasana to my heart's content. I love that it's #nothotyoga and how each teacher has his/her own teaching style. Keep the awesome vibe going! I will surely miss JYC when I'm in grad school! I'll try to stop by when I can. Much love from Kathy.” - Ambiguity L