Step into Joy Yoga Center

Yoga is part of a 5,000 year old system for holistic health. Hatha yoga is the part of this system which focuses on holding various poses, called asanas. This works to bring fresh blood and oxygen to all the muscles, organs, and glands in the body. By stretching and compressing acupressure meridian lines, yoga releases energy into the organs of the body, helping the body to heal itself.

Joy Yoga is a challenging vinyasa flow yoga that encourages all levels of yogis to find their edge and enjoy their inner strength. Joy Yoga is perfect for every fitness level. It provides a challenging and rewarding workout for everyone, from the most accomplished athlete to the person who has never exercised before. Certified yoga instructors will guide you through a hatha yoga routine that balances and unites the body, mind, and spirit. At Joy Yoga, you will extend your boundaries gently, while listening to your body and its response to each asana.

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